Yes, you can have your brew and enjoy more of it too!

For every $10 you spend on food and beverages at our pub, you are credited $1 towards future pub purchases.
When at the pub, ask your server for a form and fill it out. Your server will return with your Pub Club Card with the
amount credited on it. Use it again and again and see how quickly it adds up!


You get all of the Pub Club benefits plus a free t-shirt, pint glass, and 6oz’s “on the house,” all year, everytime you order 12oz’s!
Plus on-line store discounts, VIP invitations, exclusive offers and more.

A $35 Brewmaster’s Circle Membership Fee Entitles You To:

An Adirondack Brewery “BrewMaster’s Circle” Members Card

One free Adirondack Brewery t-shirt and one pint glass

Buy a pint (16 oz’s.) get 22 oz’s. That’s right, order a pint glass of ale ~ we’ll
serve you 22 ounces.  Do the math, every 3rd pint glass is free!

For every ten dollars you spend in our pub you will receive one dollar credit
towards future purchases. $10.00 spent equals $1.00 saved!

Exclusive “BrewMaster’s Circle”discounts at our events including the
annual Oktoberfest and Festival of Barrels

“By invitation only” tapping and tastings of specialty ales

Member only online store discount codes

Special offers and promotions

Brewmaster’s Circle Membership is good for one year. Renewal is $20 and entitles you to all benefits except those listed in item 2.
You will be notified of expiration by email. No response will indicate no renewal. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save while
you enjoy the best of craft beer~ brewed and bottled locally in the Adirondacks.